Short Courses

Feel like you need help and quickly to stand up in front of an audience

Looking for assistance to get you started? Looking for a short public speaking course with proven results? Short Courses commonly called Speechcraft are the answer.

Sea Eagles Toastmasters conduct Speechcraft Courses twice a year usually, over six consecutive Mondays.

We have successfully completed our first Intensive Short Course for 2023

We are planning on running a second course in 3Q2023

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If you need help gaining confidence, preparing that wedding speech or company presentation, this popular short practical course in public speaking is designed for the novice speaker. You’ll be joining a group of other people who want to learn the basics of public speaking quickly in a supportive, friendly environment. Everyone is involved in all the activities in each session. You’ll make new friends, learn new things, and have a lot of fun! It’s a great way to start your public speaking career!

A Speechcraft Course will help you to:

  • Gain confidence in public speaking
  • Develop your communication and language skills
  • Learn to think quickly and clearly
  • Become an effective listener
  • Use body language and visual aids
  • Advance your social skills

During this practical course, you’ll prepare and deliver several speeches. These will be 3-5 minutes long and will be on a subject of your choice. You’ll also participate in impromptu speaking sessions (known as “Table Topics”) and you’ll learn how to evaluate other speakers using the criteria in the Speechcraft manual. Experienced Toastmasters will also deliver “educationals”, where you’ll learn how to prepare your speech, hear tips on delivery techniques and find out how to evaluate other speakers.

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